The Band
A.C. Lewis Too cool for school Professor of time Orchestra timpanist and a band ass drummer Favors 12/8 over 4
Ben Paul Original music by Saves lives with piano Reincarnated bill Evans without the drug problem Weapon of choice: Yamaha P515, twin QSC K8.2 speakers
Sunny the sax Band leader Tenor is better Quotes Nintendo music in bebop solos Reaches into your soul but gently Weapon of choice: ’76 Selmer Mark vi tenor
Don Ferguson Master craftsman Pat metheny protège Logistics & operations expert Weapon of choice: ’98 Gibson ES-175, Henrikson Bud 10 amp
Lise ramaley Farmer, teacher Plays upright bass and sings At the same damn time Can hear bass lines up to 2mi away Weapon of choice: Shen upright
Roxanne winslow Trumpet aficionado Actually a music composer Can teach your kids piano better than herbie Weapon of choice:“Bobby shew” Yamaha custom z
Dot com Vocalist, lyricist, poet Promoter of organic love Nina simone would be proud Weapon of choice: himself